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Fresh Baked Daily in the Houston Heights

Cupcakes! We love them. We love to think about them , we love to talk about them, we love to bake them, we love to decorate them….and we love to eat them. That's why we make our cupcakes so so yummy, we want to eat them too.

Our "Cupcake Palace" is in the Houston Heights, just east of Shepherd on w. 20th Street. It's "cupcakey" and smells really good. Most folks come in and take the deliciousness with them but you are welcome to sit inside or on our front porch.

Our bakers get up really early because they also have to get the cupcakes all "dolled up" to go out. Did I mention we have a Trailer. Yes we have a 1954 Boles-Aero that brings the cupcakeness to other neighborhoods. Check us out at "On The Road" for hours, locations and special events.

One day the "cupcake lady" (that's Millie) said ..sheesh its hot, sure wish I had a Sno-Cone, you know the kind with real shaved ice like in New Orleans". So…now we have Sno-Balls. Great way to use the front porch too.

"Cupcakes are supposed to be fun". That's what the therapist told us.